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About us

VITA group of companies develops, invests in and manages real estate projects. The group focuses on large-scale projects, such as:

  • mixed-use retail schemes
  • commercial and business parks
  • mixed tourism projects
  • residential projects

Through its projects, the group introduces innovation, imagination and fresh ideas for LIFE (VITA), while maintaining environmental and social sensitivities.

An experienced, modern structured and professionally managed enterprise, operates flexibly in order to achieve its goals and fulfil the requirements in a competitive environment.


VITA's strategy is to keep its focus on developing real estate projects in Greece as well as in the South Eastern countries of Europe, where a substantial development is expected.

Our commitments

To our Clients

VITA provides high quality services to meet its clients’ requirements, in a balanced, secured, easily accessible and pleasant environment, so that it deserves its clients’ choice and confidence.

To our Employees

The group provides its employees with a healthy, respectful, profitable and team-oriented environment, ensuring equal opportunities and rewards for high performance.

To our Shareholders

Vita group follows business management principles which secure its shareholders' investments and assets, aiming at maximum performance.

To our Collaborators and Third Parties

Vita acts cooperatively, aiming at creating strong business relationships in order to achieve all its business associates’ expectations. Its objective is the development of long-term and mutual profitable business in a spirit of confidence and support.

To the Local Communities Authorities

Committed to the Local Authorities' requirements and to business ethics, VITA group contributes to the economic development of the local community in the areas where its projects are developed, supporting the residents and the local companies.

To the Environment

Complying with the environmental regulations provided by the Government, VITA contributes to the aesthetic improvement of the area, offers buildings’ optimum energy consumption and maximisation of green areas, atriums etc.

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